News for expats on COVID-19 - update 05.05.2020

5 May 2020
News for expats on COVID-19 - update 05.05.2020

Today we make a brief summary of the measures to be followed in phase “0” that we are currently in and in principle until the 11th of May when we will pass to phase “1” as indicated in the de-escalation plan.

Is there a limit of going outside for a walk or to practice sport?
Yes, you can go outside once a day for this and within the set times.

Is it a mandatory to wear mouth-masks when you go outside?
Wearing a mouth-mask is not obliged, but it’s recommended and especially for the elderly.

Can one visit friends or family?
In this phase it’s not possible; if we go to phase “1” it will be allowed to be with a maximum of 10 people but always with the social distance.

Is it possible to go for a ride with the car?
At the moment one can only go by car to a supermarket, pharmacy, bank and/or workplace. From the 11th of May you can move by car within the province. If you go by car in company with other people, everyone inclusive the driver must wear mouth-masks.

Can you leave Spain by road?
Yes, for example, one can return to the UK, Belgium or the Netherlands, but one must remember that the borders are still closed so there will be controls. To travel through France it will be necessary that each person has a document stating the purpose of the trip. This document can be found on the website of each embassy.


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