News for expats on COVID-19 - update 03.06.2020

3 Jun 2020
News for expats on COVID-19 - update 03.06.2020

Since last Monday, the Comunidad Valenciana is in phase 2 of the de-escalation plan. So more can be done, although it should not be forgotten that all safety measures are still due, so wear a mouthmask where it’ is obliged or where the mandatory 2 meters distance cannot be guaranteed, use disinfectant handgel and comply with all imposed rules and regulations.

What can be done in phase 2 and what not; hereby some points:

- Shopping centers can reopen their doors, but it will be checked that the allowed capacity will not exceed the 30% of the capacity of the entire shopping center and for the shops the permitted capacity must not exceed 40%. There will be one entrance and one exit and the common areas remain closed. In all stores, the rule applies that persons over 65 years of age  will have priority to be served.
- In recreation and community swimmingpools, the maximum allowed capacity may not exceed 30% of the normal capacity. One must make an appointment and the use of showers and common areas is not permitted. There must be marked spaces to guarantee the safety distance of 2 meters.
- Each Townhall will establish their own rules and restrictions of access to the beaches in order to ensure the safety distance  in the best way. The beaches of Orihuela are already open to the public and the beaches of Pilar de la Horadada will open today Wednesday.
- Bars and restaurants are allowed again to receive clients inside, but it may not exceed 40% of their total capacity. Terraces are still allowed to have 50% of their capacity and with a maximum of groups up to 10 people.
- Hotels and tourist appartments are also allowed to open their doors again to receive people up to a third of their total capacity. Swimmingpools and spas can open again, but only with the imposed restrictions.
- Discotheques and nightclubs are NOT yet allowed to open in this phase.
- The time-schedules have been cancelled, except for people over 70 years of age where the 10 to 12 am and 7 to 8 pm schedule is still due to go outside for a walk.

The Ministry of Tourism is negotiating with different countries and autonomous regions to discuss a possibility to receive  international tourists. The autonomy of the Canary Island  and the Balearic Islands, which already have several islands in phase “3”, have offered to receive international tourists  from  the June 15th.  The rest of autonomous regions have decided to wait until the 1st of July.

As every week, the Ministry of Health will decide which regions or/and provinces can pass from phase “2” to phase “3” on Monday the 8th of June. The President of the Comunidad Valenciana has already stated that he will not apply for the entire Comunidad to pass on the 8th of June to phase “3”, as he believes that each phase must last 15 days in order to analyze the evolution better and pass to the next phase with more certainty. The Region of Murcia will request to pass to phase “3” on the 8th of June.

Today, the government will seek parliament’s approval for the sixt and final extension of the state of emergency so that all restrictions of movement can take place for the new normality on the 21st of June. In this new normality, the use of mouthmasks continues and needs to be worn also where social distance of 2 meters cannot be guaranteed.
From the 8th of June, all regional presidents will have full power over the de-escalation in their region. They can then decide for themselves whether the normal 15 days of each phase can be shortened. However, one should remember that as long as one is not in the new normality, which will be at the end of the de-escalation plan, it is NOT allowed to move between different regions. Once the de-escalation plan is completed in the whole country, only then it will be possible to move between the different regions and everything can be prepared to open the borders, so that from the 1st of July international tourists can be received.
As always all measures taken will be published in the BOE (State Bulletin).


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