News for expats on COVID-19 - update 08.06.2020

8 Jun 2020
News for expats on COVID-19 - update 08.06.2020

As of today, the 8th of June, half of the inhabitants of Spain from various Autonomies, Provinces and Health Regions have passed to phase 3 of the de-escalation plan. The region of Murcia, Andalucia, Galicia and País Vasco are some of the Autonomous Regions which today have passed entirely to phase 3. The Comunidad Valenciana will, in principle, remain  in phase 2 for one week more, on own request and if the evolution is favorable, the entire Comunidad will pass to phase 3 next 15th of June.
From now on it will be the Presidents of the Autonomous Regions who will decide whether the extisting measures can be relaxed before passing completely to the new normality, although they cannot make decisions about the possibility of free movement between the Autonomies because only the Minister of Health has the authority to decide on this. The idea is that if the entire country has ended phase 3, which will be at the end of June, only then it will be possible to move freely throughout whole Spain.

All safety measures are still due, such as wearing a mouthmask, keeping the distance on the street, in bars and restaurants and on the beaches, regardless of which phase of the de-escalation plan one is at. National tourism can start moving through Spain, depending on which phase you are in the area you live, because then you will know if you can move through the province or the Autonomy. International tourism can come to Spain from the 1st of July.
There are Autonomies that have asked the Government to allow international tourism earlier, but for the time being this issue is being thoroughly studied by the responsible persons and there is still absolute nothing clear about it.

The President of the Government announced yesterday at his weekly press conference that after the introduction of the new normality, which will be at the end of June, it will be necessary to conitinue with some of the existing measures.  Tomorrow, the 9th of June, there will be a meeting of the Council of Ministers to discuss the issue of security measures and approve them so it can be published officialy. It is believed that the use of mouthmasks and the preservation of the social distance of 2 meters will remain being a mandatory until there is a effective drug or vaccin for Covid-19, as it can not be tolerated that measures will be forgotten since the virus is still there and will not just disappear.


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