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News for expats on COVID-19 - update 26.06.2020

26 Jun 2020
News for expats on COVID-19 - update 26.06.2020

We are already in the new normality or post-corona period. One can more or less lead a normal life, but with measures.
The Ministry of Health published last Monday an important message on twitter; NO-LO-TIRES-POR-LA-BORDA (Do not throw it overboard/trash) and the DI-MA-MÁ rule, meaning distance (Distancia) + moutmasks (Mascarilla) + hands (Manos). With this announcement they want to emphasize that we must maintain the social distance of 1,5 meter, wear a mouthmask and always wash hands.

Tourists coming to Spain who have rented an appartment should keep in mind that each community will have its own rules and regulations regarding the use of communal pools and areas. All communities are obliged to put the information with instructions on a clear place nearby the pool, so everybody can read the measures that have been taken.

Some recommendations for restaurants, bars and terraces published by the Ministry of Health are:
- Keep social distance with other people and with the local staff. Only people living together can sit together without keeping the 1,5 meter distance.
- Do not put tables together, restrict movements and follow the instructions of the establishment.
- Wash hands before consumption and do not share food or drinks with another person.
- Remove the mouthmask only if you are going to consume.

According to the Vice President, if there should be many outbreaks in the country, the government will not hesitate to take new measures; this could be via sanitary health-zone and/or regions. It is therefore very important that we all comply with the imposed measures, because the virus has NOT disappeared.


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